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As a child  growing up, I witnessed domestic violence in several marriages and relationships.  I witnessed the cycles of  tension, abuse, makeup and honeymoon.  Most of these marriages and relationships did not dissolve as a result of domestic violence. As I grew older the faces of the abused and abusers changed yet the process was the same - tension, abuse, makeup, honeymoon.  By then, I had come to believe that domestic violence was the norm.  


Domestic violence was prevalent in my marriage. I am that woman who is outgoing, friendly, and socially confident, vivacious, lively, popular, jovial; yet, I was still abused physically, emotionally and economically.  I am that woman with two children who watched at times as I was abused.  I am that middle class woman that made $64,000 @ year but was still abused. I am that woman that suffered with pain, heartaches, headaches, anger, guilt and shame associated with domestic violence.  I am that woman that was once afraid to admit that I was being abused and remained silent for years.  I am that woman that ended an abusive relationship still harboring feelings of guilt and shame.  I am that woman in ministry who learned that abuse can and does happen to women in ministry, educated women, financially secure women, young women and old women.


When I finally walked away, I never looked back.  Survivors4Survivors, Inc., was birthed out of my own experience and exists so that others can utilize their voice to initiate their own healing and advocate against domestic violence.  

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